Batman Pornography Story: The Girl and the Cat Chapter 1

Batman Pornography Story: The Girl and the Cat Chapter 1

Ehe, yeah..So this is my first attempt at writing a
fan fiction based on The Batman. I know its a little,
well..Weird, but I do happen to like the playful banter between
Catwoman and Ragdoll. Hey, out of his costume, Peter Merkel isnt a
half-bad looking guy. P

So yes, I wasnt quite sure how to begin this
little story, so I started from an odd spot. It might not flow very
well, but as I said, this is my first attempt with a fan fiction of
this genre. So, I hope you enjoy it. It might be a CatwomanxRagdoll
thing, just cause Im weird that way and I like the whole
rivalry and hate/hate becoming some demented form of infatuation..

I dont own the characters, obviously. And,
shockingly, this is the only story Ive ever done where I do not
drag in a character I created myself.

So yeah, without further ado, let the crappy story
begin! XD

And so, our story begins…In Gotham’s most prestigious museum


Selina grinned in anticipation, staring at the prey
that sat only a few feet away from her; the sapphire, cat-head statue
found within seemingly beckoning her with an invisible call.

Her grin grew wider as she realized how close she was
to retrieving the statue. The cameras and other security systems had
been taken care of and now, all she had to do was claim her prize and
she’d be home free.

She approached the glass silently, tapping it
gingerly with her clawed gloves. ” I said I’d be back,
beautiful,” she purred, admiring the statue as she carefully cut
a perfect circle into the glass.

” Funny,” A comical voice rang out from the
shadows, ” I said the same exact thing to myself about you..”

Hissing, Selina quickly pivoted on one foot, spinning
around and untying the whip from its resting place on her waist..
Narrowing her eyes, she carefully searched the shadows for the
speaker, vaguely recognizing the voice. There was something
unsettlingly familiar about it, and yet, she couldn’t recall just
where she’d heard it before.

” Over here!” The voice chuckled from
behind, giggling as she turned around only to discover that nobody
was there.

Selina growled as the laughter echoed throughout the
upper corridor of the museum. ” Well, I’m glad to see you’re
enjoying yourself. But, I don’t have time for a game of hide and
seek, so you’ll excuse me while I take my statue and leave.”

She held her nose high, returning to the exhibit and
reaching her hand in to grab the statue. She was quite intent on
ignoring this annoyance.

” Ah, time,” the mysterious voice continued
on, though with a sudden hint of bitterness. ” You don’t have
time. How ironic that you should say that, my little minx”

Her hand froze half-way to the statue as she heard
the emphasis placed on the last word. It caused a chill to run up her
spine, that single word haunting her, and the rest of the sentence
already forgotten.

” Sound familiar?” the voice inquired,
taking her silence to mean she was actually listening. ” How
ironic it is that we would both be here on the same eve, for the same
little item. Might we have this little frivolity in common? It’s
fate, it’s destiny
! “

That last bit had done it. It had been been months
ago, but she immediately recalled where she’d heard -that- little
chestnut before.

“…So, I see you managed to twist your way out
of Arkham. Impressive…For a Ragdoll.”

A quick series of claps could be heard from the
nearby shadows as Ragdoll finally emerged , wearing his usual outfit
and the same, twisted grin as always.

” Finally. I thought you’d never get it.”

Selina sneered, looking him over once or twice, as if
wishing that her eyes were playing tricks on her.

Ragdoll advanced toward her, walking in his rather
unusual style. As a triple-jointed contortionist, he could twist and
mold his body in nearly any way, often abusing his ability to do so .
Truth be told, Selina found it a tad creepy, especially the closer he

” Miss me, Kitten ?”

Selina took a few steps backward, uneasy with the
rapidly-closing distance between them.

” Maybe a little,” she smirked. ” It
was a nice chance to show off my abilities…”

” And more,” he commented with another
twisted grin, glancing over at the statue that she’d obviously come

Selina noticed this and hissed, slashing her claws in
the air to serve as a warning. “Get in my way again, and I swear
I’ll claw the stuffing out of you!”

” Charming as ever I see,” he replied
without a hint of intimidation, twisting his neck when he was only
inches away from her, his head now upside down. ” No
welcome-back kiss?”

” Tch. Dream on, Raggy…”

” Still shy? That’s alright, I can wait. But, in
the meantime, I’ll need a consolation prize..”

He twisted himself straight again, and headed for the
open case, reached in, and pulled out the cat.

” Hey, that’s mine!”

Hissing, Selina clawed out at him wildly in a
desperate attempt to recover the statue. Laughing, Ragdoll merely
twisted himself out of her reach, apparently enjoying this even more
than he originally had been.

” Not on our first date,” he teased,
holding it just out of her reach to annoy her. ” Wouldn’t want
to spoil you.”

” Oh, please,” Selina snapped, “This
is at least our fourth encounter.”

Ragdoll leapt atop one of the other exhibits,
twisting his body into a painful-looking, yet thoughtful pose.

” Well, fancy that, you’re right! We should be
planning our anniversary by now.”

While he continued to tease her, Selina cracked her
whip into the air, curling it around the statue and pulling it back
with as much force as she could muster.. Following Ragdoll’s yelp of
pain, she smirked, pulling the whip back and catching the statue with

Rubbing his throbbing wrist, Ragdoll’s twisted grin
grew into a scowl.

” I see Kitten still has her claws…”

” Of course,” she smirked, blowing him a
kiss as she turned her back on him. ” I’ve said it before, and
I’ll say it again. If it’s money you want, rob a bank. Feline items
are strictly mine. Try to remember that, will you?”

” I’ll be sure to jot that down when I get home.
Right after I settle a price on that little gem there!”

With that, he leapt off of the exhibit case and began
to throw himself around wildly, catching Selina’s attention and
throwing her off guard. That is, until he’d finally slammed into and
knocked her to the ground, catching the statue as she dropped it.

” Sorry, kitty. You’ll have to learn how to
share. Gotham’s more than big enough for the both of us.”

Growling, Selina pushed herself up off the ground,
cracking her whip into the air as Ragdoll started to flee. She
managed to twist it around his legs and bring him down to the floor a
little more forcefully than he’d done. Snorting, she pulled the whip
back, dragging him toward her.

Well, she certainly seemed stronger than most people
gave her credit for. That, or Ragdoll was extremely light.

” There. I shared my humiliation. Happy?”

Giving a wicked grin, she plucked the statue out of
his hands and retracted the whip, spinning him about a bit to get it
from around his legs.

” Thanks for the exercise though,” she
laughed, turning her back on him yet again as she went to tie the
whip back around her waist, shoving the cat in a sack she’d draped
around her shoulder.

” No, thank you!”

Before she could even think of reacting to what he
was doing, Ragdoll quickly moved from where he was, grabbing onto the
edge of her whip and twisting himself around her as fast as he could.
He even managed to snag the statue from the sack.

As he moved back, Selina stared to try and slash at
him with the clawed gloves, but discovered that he’d tied her up with
her own whip! Oh, adding insult to injury indeed!

He laughed, giving a wide grin and waving at her. ”
That’s a good look on you. Much more flattering than a glass box.”

She hissed, recalling that, on their last spat to get
an item, he’d managed to trap her in one of the exhibit cases before
the Batman had shown up.

” I swear, I’ll hunt you down to get that statue

” Promise?” His grin grew even wider, and
Selina’s right eye twitched a little out of rage.

” Ta-ta Kitten. Hate to break up a date with you
so early, but I’ve got someone willing to pay through the nose for
this little beauty.”

Selina’s eyes widened. If he actually sold the
statue, there was very little chance she’d ever get her hands on it.
She liked to operate within Gotham city, and if she didn’t even know
who he’d sold it to, well…There her second chance went.

” I can’t let it end like this,” she hissed
under her breath, determined to get the statue.

With a renewed sense of energy, she managed to slip
one hand free and untie the knot he’d made sure to make in her whip;
loosening the rest of it enough to make her escape.

” For the last time, Ragdoll, if it’s feline,
it’s MINE!”

Giving a loud aggravated ‘meow’, she lunged across
the room, tackling Ragdoll to the floor near the open window he’d
obviously entered through.

” Paws off!” He shouted, trying to kick her
away and push at her with his free hand. ” As much as I’m
enjoying this, I simply -must- get back home.”

” The cat’s coming with ME!” she spat,
ramming into his gut, though a little harder than she’d intended to.
She managed to actually shove him out the window, though, saved him
from falling as she grabbed onto the statue he was clutching.

“Desperate little minx, aren’t you?” he
snickered, grabbing onto her mask in an attempt to pull himself up.

Selina bit her lower lip, trying to restrain from
yelling out in pain. That little freak was pulling on her hair, and
ripping some of it out the harder he pulled.

” You have until the count of three to release
my head, or I’ll…”

She never got to finish. Seconds later, her mask
slipped off, and Ragdoll released his grip on the statue, plummeting
into the bushes below. It wasn’t a fatal fall, or even something that
would seriously injure anyone. The problem was, he’d probably
glimpsed her face. And, she didn’t have a clue as to -his- true

” Lost something?” she heard him
chime from the darkness outside, his tone ringing with the excitement
of a brand-new idea.

” Well, you’re still just as lovely without it,
don’t worry. I’ll keep it safe for you while you’re in prison..”

Selina ducked back into the shadows of the museum,
clutching the statue and desperately trying to think of something to
make things right.

Too bad she didn’t have the time. As soon as she had
retreated, Ragdoll had tripped the alarms outside, obviously trying
to get her caught. So, if he couldn’t have the statue, he’d have
revenge? She should have known this was coming.

“Better run, kitten, or they’ll get you!”

” Shit..”

And, with that lovely little expletive, Selina darted
out of the museum and into the night, unknowing that Ragdoll watched
the whole time, making sure to see where she was going. Oh, he’d seen
her before, and even if he didn’t have the statue now, he’d get it
later. His client could wait.

After all, nothing was sweeter than revenge..

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