Batman Pornography Story: 3 Nymphs and a bat – Chapter 1

Batman Pornography Story: 3 Nymphs and a bat – Chapter 1

Liz: (older by 3 months than Roxy) 19

Liz: (older by 3 months than Roxy) 18

Roxy: 18

Blair: 17

Liz was walking down the street with her two best friends, Roxy and Blair, late one night. They just got back from a Girls Night Out and were ready to get some rest. They decided they should sleep over Blairs house because it was the closest, even though they were still very far. Im tired can we like sit down for a minute? said Roxy. Are you kidding me do you know what time it is? Liz said. Blair sighed seeing the confused face that Roxy made and said Its 1:30 a.m. Roxy.

Roxy: Whatever lets take a short cut.

Liz and Blair looked at each other and both looked back at Roxy and said Hell no

Roxy: Why, well get there much faster.

Blair: Because every time we use one of your short cuts we always get into some kind of trouble.

Roxy: What the hell are you talking about, I never get you guys into trouble.

As soon as Roxy said that she turned around and began to walk down a dark alley. Are crazy get your ass back over here now! Blair screamed. But Roxy wouldnt listen she continued to walk down the dark alley with Liz right behind her trying to pull her away.

But she stopped once a blinding light came into view she blinked twice and began to hear a loud laugh that seemed it would never stop. She looked around and noticed something different about the alley something she couldnt quite put her finger on. It looked exactly like one she saw in a Batman episode. This cant be real she thought until she and Roxy turned around and saw Blair in the hands of a gang of Jokers.

Liz and Roxy were big fans of the Batman cartoons and it didnt take long for them to figure out where they were but Blair didnt know what was going on she just looked terrified to death by the jokers that were holding her captive.

(The Joker gang leader): Aww look what weve got here boys a couple of ladies all alone in the dark.

A random joker began to stare at Roxy and Liz waiting for them to shake in fear. But they didnt they just stood there with their arms folded. Roxy and Liz stared at the Joker and Liz glared at him as if she was ready to jump him. The Joker began to come closer and Roxy could see a gun hidden in one of his pockets. She was frozen in fear now no amount of cartoon watching would prepare them for this. She quickly tugged on Lizs hoodie and with her eyes she led Liz to the hidden gun. That was when Liz realized that this wasnt a cartoon they could sit down and watch this has become reality, their reality. This is no joke we gotta grab Blair and get out of here fast. She whispered to Roxy as the Jokers surrounded them. What should we do? asked Roxy. As she heard Blair begin to whimper as a Joker stroked her cheek. We use our charms and our fists Liz replied. Ok was all Liz heard as Roxy began to walk towards the lead Joker. She began to sway her hips and glide over to him. Liz and Blair had to control themselves from laughing at this. Liz soon began to follow Roxy and soon Roxy was face to face with him. She got on her tippy- toes and was ready to kiss him when Liz kicked him the gut. He groaned in pain and said Youll regret that cutie, boys get her

But they didnt get a chance because out of the shadows came the one and only Batman.

Roxy and Liz gasped at the sight of their favorite hero as Blair fell to the floor when a Joker began to run away in fear.

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